Forest Business Headquarters
My-Forest.ComSince 2000, we have operated a Forest Econometrics web site known as This site was combined with in 2001. We designed this site as a resource for foresters, forestry students, forestland owners, managers, and investors to learn more about the econometric tools available to manage forestlands around the world. This site has hosted nearly 250,000 visitors over the years. It was brought into the umbrella since 2006.
This site has been used by Kamiak Environmental Managing Member, Dr. Schlosser, while teaching Natural Resources Economics undergraduate classes at Washington State University, and by other faculty in 7 different universities in the US and Canada. This site presents data for the user in a format that is easily understood with several online formula tools. Learn about methods of forest valuation, trends in forest economics, and important links to forest economics issues. Discover how to keep accurate records through targeted record keeping practices. Also find out about seminars and training opportunities for you and your colleagues in these and related fields.